Midland using retail study to expand future businesses

Midland using retail study to expand future businesses

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland is looking at ways to expand as the population grows. The Midland City Council is working with a company in a retail study to look at spending habits in the Tall City. Earlier this year, the city hired a business company called Buxton to do a three-year study of the city's retail habits.

"Three years ago, we saw we were growing 7% which is unheard of," said Mayor Jerry Morales. "The idea was to better understand sales, economic retail impact in our community through credit card usage."

This is the first time the city is doing a retail study. Buxton uses data to find areas that may need new grocery stores, restaurants or clothing stores. The company had a briefing with city council on Tuesday to present some ideas to bring more business to the area.

"These restaurants aren't going to spend money relocating, management and building concepts if it's a short-term," said Morales.

Buxton's study found Midland is in need of 20 new retails including the idea of considering two types of grocery stores downtown. They're looking into those retails to find out if any have an interest to placing their spot in the Tall City.

"We want to hear responses. Did they accept? Are they in the middle? Or why did they decline to come to Midland? We want to understand that as well," said Morales. "Midland is unique in that we're bringing millennials in, younger families. That demographic is changing and we need to be able to provide amenities that support the younger generations."

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