Odessans left with many questions dealing with storm damage clean-up

Odessans left with many questions dealing with storm damage clean-up

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It's four weeks after the strong hail storms and many are still trying to get damage fixed. 11,000 claims were filed and most of them are from the Midland-Odessa area.

The claims have generated so many questions the Odessa Chamber of Commerce hosted a town hall Tuesday afternoon.

Nearly a month later, Odessans are still searching for answers. Their question, how do I get my storm damage fixed?

"Storms can be really overwhelming, physically, financially, emotionally," said Chris Pilic with State Farm. "No matter how big the hail or how significant the storm, it affects you greatly because it's your property that's damaged."

Odessan Marry Morris is in the process of having her roof fixed after the stormed damaged it.

"The interior is not leaking but it was pretty good damage," said Morris. Morris was one of the many Odessans who got their questions answered, she showed up to get advice choosing a contractor.

"We just went online and now we're in the process of calling someone, at least three people," said Morris.

Agents recommend getting quotes from different contractors and most importantly shopping local, it's something Morris said she plans to do.

"If anything goes wrong, we'll know where to find them," said Morris. Before hiring anyone, look up reviews and ask for references. "Do your homework, do your homework, it's very important," said Morris.

If you have any questions about cleaning up damage, contact your insurance agent. Of course there's no way to plan for Mother Nature or disasters like these. State Farm recommends sitting down with your agent at least once a year to talk about your coverage and know what your deductibles look like to help ease the process of filing insurance claims.

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