Texas educators at risk after personal information leaked

Texas educators at risk after personal information leaked
(Source: TASB/ Facebook)

(KWES) - The Texas Association of School Boards is taking action after employee information became visible on the Internet.

That information included names and social security numbers.

The TASB has sent those employees letters to inform them of the occurred and we were able to get our hand on one of them.

In the letter, it's stated that the website application through which the information was leaked was immediately shut down and the incident is being investigated.

The letter, however, does not give a time frame of when that information became visible.

TASB is also providing a one-year membership of ID protection to make sure their information was not obtained by a third party and is not being misused.

"I want to reiterate how seriously all of us at TASB take our responsibility to your employer and its employees." James B. Crow, TASB executive director said. "We are taking numerous steps to prevent something like this from happening again, including a comprehensive review of all of our data security measures."

Ector County ISD Spokesman Mike Adkins tells us they have received phone calls from employees about the letter and Ector County ISD is advising their employees to follow the recommendations in the letter from TASB.

We will continue to follow the latest on this developing story.

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