Reeves Co. puts the Reeves Co. Detention Center for sale

Reeves Co. puts the Reeves Co. Detention Center for sale
Reeves County Detention Center (Courtesy: KWES)

REEVES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The Reeves County Detention Center was not awarded the winning bid for the new Bureau of Prisons contract. The contract would allow the prison to continue running. Now, close to 400 employees at the prison will no longer be working there at the end of this month.

"As a small county government, we have very limited resources and it is extremely difficult to compete with private companies when it comes to bidding on inmate contracts," said Reeves County Commissioner Louise Moore.

County officials said they are looking at all available options including selling the facility. They said they're trying to make good long-term decisions for their community.

"All three RCDC facilities are well-performing units and our employees are very dedicated, hardworking and take great pride in their jobs," said Moore.

The county received two bids concerning the sale of the prison but both were rejected. One bid was under the minimum bid amount, $40,405,930.00. The other, commissioners said was more of a lay away plan than a purchase. The county is going to get an appraisal of the facility and bid it out again.

"We are a resilient and faithful community and we will continue to stand by and support each other through this difficult time," said Moore.

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