More discussion held on what the City of Midland will do with the remaining 4B tax funds

More discussion held on what the City of Midland will do with the remaining 4B tax funds

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After the 4B sales tax failed this year, there's still talk about how the City of Midland will spend that money.

The remaining funds from the 4B account is more than $28 million dollars. That money will go into the general fund, but there's still more discussion to what exactly it will be used for.

"City council has not decided what we're going to do with those proceeds," said Midland City Councilman, John Love III. "They are going to go back into the general fund. We are more than likely going to use majority of those funds to maintain the sports complex."

Money that goes into the general fund can be used for things like the city's infrastructure, their drainage and the popular topic, roads.

"The reality is, the city does not, in my opinion, dedicate enough money to maintain its largest asset," said Love. "Our largest asset is our roads."

Sept. 30 is the end of the sales tax and starting October 1, the city's sales tax will go back to 8%.

"Right now, with the budget and the 41 cents proposed, that's enough for us to maintain where we are, but it's not enough for significant road improvement," said Love.

Love encourages Midlanders to think of where they see the direction of Midland going despite the idea of increasing taxes.

"I know everybody wants low taxes raised, I'm a property owner myself and I don't enjoy it, but we have to determine what type of city we want to live in. If we want to live in a city that has a high quality of life, that's a world-class city, it's important we address that budgetarily."

Residents will be able to go to more public hearings to express concerns on the budget in August.

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