UPDATE: Auditions set for movie on Olympic champion Doug Russell

UPDATE: Auditions set for movie on Olympic champion Doug Russell


The filmmaker will be in Midland on Monday, June 24, to host auditions for the roles of the two coaches.

Auditions will be held at the Petroleum Museum from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information visit the filmmaker's website by clicking here


A Midland movie is in the works. It's about an Olympic champion swimmer, raised right here in West Texas. Earlier we introduced you to Doc Dodson, who spoke about the Olympic champion and former Midland bulldog Doug Russell. Now we have connected with Doug Russell, who had plenty of nice things to say about the man who played such a big role in his life

"The people that were important in my life, like Doc Dodson, the basketball coach. Those were the father figures the male figures in my life," said Russell.

Many stories were told on the athletic trainer's table.

"As a basketball player you get your ankles taped every day and in some regards, the trainer was like the bartender at the bar. You get a lot of life lessons. When he was done he would slap you on the bottom of the foot," said Russell.

This tradition followed Russell to the Olympic ready room, moments before competing.

"So I was sitting there and we were ready to leave and I pulled my knee up and slapped my foot.Just like Doc had hundreds of times. In high school that meant it was go time you were ready to go," explained Russell.

As far as Doug's opinion of the movie in development, he thinks it will be a pretty accurate depiction of his life because of his relationship to writer David Perkins. Russell hopes the movie will showcase the motivation he received from his hometown of Midland.

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