Midland woman appears on Today Show, returns home a sensation

Midland woman appears on Today Show, returns home a sensation
(Source: NBC Today Show)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you've been on social media this past week, you've probably spotted Midlander Jackie Lee.

She's found fame in the Permian Basin after making an appearance on the Today Show.

When Lee woke up Monday morning, she put on her "Straight out of Texas" shirt on knowing she could put midland on the map. What she didn't know was that it would be on her favorite TV show.

"When I turn 50 I want to do it big in the city in New York city and I am going to go to the Today Show," Lee said.

And while her time on she show may have been short lived, those 30 seconds were unforgettable for her and apparently everyone who watched.

"Walking down the streets of New York, people spotted us, even in hotels and restaurants," Lee said, "they would say hey I just saw you on the Today Show!"

Her stardom didn't end in New York, it followed her all the way back to Midland and the excitement hasn't worn off.

"I almost feel like I'm hype again, I know I was just like this, I really don't drink coffee but I like this cup," Lee said while shaking her souvenir Today cup.

She says the memories will last forever and she has her kids to thank for that.

"Whatever I ask, my kids are there for me, they made it possible, they made sure I could go without worrying about anything," Lee said. "Any spending, anything they took care of everything."

But that doesn't mean they're off the hook just yet. When we asked what she's planning for her 60th, she made it clear she's already thinking big.

"It won't be New York," Lee said. "It will probably have to be somewhere bigger, I don't know where, but somewhere. Maybe on an island?"

And the celebrations are just getting started, Jackie will be celebrating her actual big 50th this Saturday.

Congrats Jackie!

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