Six-year-old remembered with balloon release on her birthday

Six-year-old remembered with balloon release on her birthday

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Remembering a life gone way too soon.

"She was very happy. I don't think she had a care in the world she was just very happy," said Cash Rains, Kadyn's aunt.

On a day that would have been her seventh birthday, family and friends remembered Kadyn Ann Pitts, one of the children killed in the fatal wreck on Highway 191 this past weekend.

"We released balloons to show our honor and how much we are going to miss her," said Rains.

The balloons were pink Kadyn's favorite color and the release was held in nature, around animals to which Rains said her niece always liked to be.

"She loved outside and she was very interested in bugs. She loved bugs and butterflies. She was very crafty," said Rains.

Rains said she learned how to become a mother by watching Kadyn grow up and recalled the last thing she said to the young child two weeks before the accident.

"I dropped her off at my mom's house after swimming all day and told her I loved her and I would see her in a couple of weeks," said Rains.

Rains added Kadyn had plans to go Schlitterbahn for her birthday. If she was here Rains would love to give her niece a big hug.

"I probably would have squeezed her so tight and told her that she was my everything. She's my world. I didn't birth her but she was my baby," said Rains.

Funeral arrangements have been made. The family thanks the community for their support while offering their condolences to the other families affected by the crash.