Residents worried of cars hitting house trend in west Midland neighborhood

Residents worried of cars hitting house trend in west Midland neighborhood

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday night, Midland Police Officers responded to the 4500 block of LaSalle Cir. for a traffic accident.

Miguel Ruiz, 25, of Midland, was driving his Mustang through West Midland when he went over the curb and into a tree before hitting Belinda Hogan.

Police say after hitting and killing Belinda Hogan, 56, he then tore through a home.

"We just always want people to think twice before they're getting behind the wheel if they have been drinking,' said Rachel Walker with the City of Midland. "They need to think about themselves, think about their families and think about others that it could impact."

The City of Midland said there has been three accidents where a car drove into a home on this same street since 2015.

Neighbors said they've been planning for this type of accident for years.

Many of them setting up natural blockades like bushes and trees or just building a fence.

One neighbor we spoke with, who asked to remain anonymous, said the extra barricades probably could not have stopped Ruiz's Mustang.

"I'm not sure that would have changed a lot," said the neighbor. "Due to the impact that I heard, I think the impact was very fast."

She said the real problem behind the crashes in the neighborhood is the street's layout.

"Well I think if you're on an S-Curve, that's where the problem is," said the neighbor. "All of Mark Lane is on an S-Curve."

But regardless of reason, the neighbor and others agree, it didn't need to happen.

"This didn't have to happen. Somebody lost their life for no good reason. It was horrible," said the neighbor.

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