Permian High School quarterback commits to Naval Academy

Permian High School quarterback commits to Naval Academy

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Independence Day decision. Returning Permian High School quarterback Steve Steen committed to play football for the United States Naval Academy.

"It's something that you always think about when you're little you know you wanna go play college football," said Steen.

That dream is one step closer to becoming a reality for Permian High School's quarterback Steve Steen.

He committed to play football at the United States Naval Academy and made the announcement on Tuesday.

"It just seemed kinda fitting to announce that you're going to a military on the Fourth of July, on our Independence Day. So it just kinda all came together and I decided that's when I wanted to do it," said Steen.

He knows this decision means much more than gearing up for games on Saturday's.

"It's way bigger than football. I'm signing up for four years and then I'll serve five but it's something that I'm really excited about but I think it's a great opportunity."

Steve will the first member of the Steen family to serve in the military.

"I think it kinda freaks out my parents a little bit," said Steen.

This wasn't always his plan but he's embracing the opportunity.

"I never pictured myself wearing the military jerseys but you know, I mean I'm excited about it," said Steen.

He's heading to Annapolis for a visit at the end of July, but then he'll turn his focus on Friday nights.

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