Consider This... The Volunteers of the Fourth of July

(KWES) - If you haven't already, you most likely will be heading to a community 4th of July Celebration.  We have gathered a detailed list of events by clicking here.

These are typically put on by nonprofit organizations. They rely on sponsorships from leading businesses to fund the event. But before the first hotdog, before the entertainment plays their first song, and before the fireworks, there is a group of folks who give up their holiday weekend, brave the heat, help setup and insure a successful event. They pass on the proverbial trip to the lake and barbecue to help our community help celebrate Independence Day.

Consider This, these people are part of a better Permian Basin. While we may never know their individual reasons, perhaps a passion for the freedoms we enjoy every day may be one of them. I encourage you to pause this fourth, remember unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness granted to us that are at the core of the Declaration of Independence.  And when you pass that volunteer at your favorite event, say thank you.

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