Midland College nursing program grads finding footing in high demand profession

Midland College nursing program grads finding footing in high demand profession

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - From the classroom to the patient's room.

"It takes somebody very special to be a nurse," said Stephanie Amparan, a registered nurse and Midland College Nursing Program graduate.

They are needed throughout the Basin.

"Nursing is a difficult job. It requires a lot of responsibility and dedication," said Vasti Loredo, a registered nurse and Midland College Nursing Program graduate.

Some of Midland College's nursing program graduates are learning that first-hand. 17 December graduates became a rare group. All of them passed their exams on their first try to become a licensed registered nurse. A look at how that stacks up nationally and compared against previous classes shows the achievement.

Becoming a nurse is what most of them wanted to do from the start.

"I think it's something that's been weighing on my heart for a while. I think it's something that requires dedication and drive," said Amparan.

"I wanted to become a nurse because my mom is a nurse so it was kind of set in my heart as a young child," said Loredo.

Amparan and Loredo were a part of the special group of nurses to come out of the program and get hired by clinics and hospitals in Midland. A look at nursing openings in the Basin shows the need for more.

"A lot of people have the desire to become a nurse but the program itself is very difficult," said Loredo.

Not to mention the hours.

"Early mornings, late nights and coffee for sure," said Amparan.

Both agree for more jobs to be filled it takes more people to want to go to nursing schools and programs.

"When you're a nurse you have to keep learning and improving yourself," said Loredo.

"If you have a dream to become a nurse, do it," said Amparan.

Another batch of nurses have already started working. Midland College says 44 students graduated from the nursing program last month.

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