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Local group aims to bring awareness about substance abuse during Rockhounds "Thirsty Thursday" promotion

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Security Bank Ballpark in Midland became a place to learn about substance abuse issues that plague young people in the Tall City.

“We want to be sure to get the message out and also to let parents know there is help,” said Ashley Hoppman, Coalition Coordinator.

The Midland Rockhounds “Thirsty Thursday” promotion served as the perfect backdrop for the Midland Coalition and Palmer Drug Abuse Program to spread their message.

According to PDAP in Midland, the abuse of drugs and alcohol is seen in kids as young as 13.

“It’s alarming for us because at 13 your brain is still developing and I think that’s what a lot of people just don’t understand at that age they are still developing. Going through a peak,” said Hoppman.

The group said underage drinking, marijuana and Xanax usage is up in the Tall City. Hoppman added outside influences can lead a young person into destructive patterns.

“Kids have a lot going on these days. They have social media which is huge, cyber-bullying has been a problem in Midland. We have phones,” said Hoppman.

One way Hoppman believed they can solve the issue is by getting parents or adults, the kid can trust, involved. Including the learning the right way to spot when there is an issue.

“It kind of just helps parents talk to their teens. Maybe the teens can talk to their parents and say, 'hey this is what’s going on.' I don’t know what to do but this is how I feel.”

With so much information on hand, it made Thursday’s appearance more important.

“Just getting the word out and just planting that seed is enough for me,” said Hoppman.

The PDAP holds support groups for the community twice a week.

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