Firework stands heat up with new fireworks

Firework stands heat up with new fireworks

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - From the stands, to the skies. It's the time of the year where colorful bursts of light are exploding across America.

"People like different things," said Mr. W's Fireworks supervisor Tony Dennis. "Some people want loud and some people want pretty."

Each firework stand is going to have their own selection, but they all grab a few newer models every year.

Mr. W's Fireworks has some of the big classics, but this year they're selling a Poke-ball firecrackers and something called the "Flames of Fire."

Tony Dennis said it's important to switch up the selection each year, because people want to shoot off the latest and greatest.

"People that shoot off all the time, they come in every year, they look for the new and maybe they've done most of it," said Dennis. "Some of it they like, they just want to try some new things. Of course, the new look appeals to kids. There's always a need for new."

Scott Rapp, who runs a fireworks stand off Highway 80, pushes a safety focus approach when it comes to the fourth of July.

"For one, you only want adults lighting the fireworks, you don't want the kids handling them," said Rapp. "You always want an adult around the kids while they are doing it, you don't want to just give them a bag of fireworks and letting them go. Adult supervision is the number one thing that we recommend while popping fireworks. Of course the kids want to have fun, but safety is first."

Dennis said that you can never be too safe, when it comes to fireworks.

"If it's going to come out of a tube and shoot off, for sure it could hurt you," said Dennis. "You're using fire, you got to use fire, so you can absolutely burn yourself. With any of this stuff, you've got to be careful. We've got small stuff you can shoot off in your backyard, there is stuff that's safe for kids, little tanks and stuff like that. But still, you have got to light it, you've just got to be careful."

This fourth of July, remember that it is illegal to shoot off fireworks inside city limits across Texas.

If you do decide to put on a show in the county, make sure to keep away from dry grass so those sparklers don't turn into a grass fire.

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