Do's, dont's, reactions to Odessa College 'campus carry' policy

Do's, dont's, reactions to Odessa College 'campus carry' policy

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A policy is now in place.

"We feel that campus carry will come on August 1 and it will pass. It will be just another day here at Odessa College," said Ken Zartner, Executive Director of Administration & Human Resources at Odessa College.

Odessa College, a school that once said no to guns on campus, now has rules for when it is allowed this upcoming school year. Since Texas Senate Bill 11 in 2015 was signed allowing CHL owners the right to have them on school campuses, officials at OC had been working on perfecting the right policy for the school.

"We knew this law was going to take effect. We knew it was going to hit four-year institutions first so we had some time to prepare. We had some time to sit back and look at how other institutions and colleges rolled this out before we did," said Zartner.

The law allows carriers to have handguns only in specific areas. Odessa College's new policy follows the mold. The Student Health Center, children's center, OC TECHS and second floor of the Campus Center are just a few places that are prohibited.

"Our campus is pretty open," said Zartner.

Before the policy was adopted, forums were held to teach and calm any lingering issues people may have had. Students like Hannah May believe most are aware of what's on their hip.

"As Texans we're trained from such a young age to be responsible, how to use and what not to do with guns," said May.

She added a policy like this can be a learning tool for everyone.

"I hope that it makes it to where we're not afraid of someone carrying a gun," said May.

If you have any additional questions about campus carry, click here to view the FAQ information or you can also contact Odessa College.

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