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Midland Police's new vests to protect officers from high caliber weapons

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Officers at the Midland Police Department will be getting upgrades to their bulletproof vests. Making them safer for when they have to go to those dangerous situations.

“It’s all about saving lives,” said Sergeant Jimmy Young, Midland Police Department.

Saving lives and protecting their own. MPD is trying to keep their officers safer with new ballistic plates. An addition to their vests that will help when the time is right.  

“These are soft vests. These are for regular round of ammo. The vest that we’re getting are for heavy duty rounds,” said Young.

Officers will be given two plates. One for the front of the vest and another for the back. Each weighing about five pounds. Sgt. Jimmy Young says the lightweight capability allows an officer to be able to put the plates on easily.

“The officer will throw that on real quick because it takes a second to put it on and go towards the threat,” said Young.

The new plates cost around $87,000 paid by donations from the citizens.

“The citizens here are amazing. They’re always helping us to be safe and they want to live in a safe community,” said Young.

The new equipment is just another way to protect those who continue to protect and serve the city of Midland.

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