For 50 Big Spring homes water is only safe to shower in

For 50 Big Spring homes water is only safe to shower in

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - About 50 homeowners in Big Spring are still having to boil their water before consuming and they'll have to keep doing it until at least Wednesday. That boil water notice was issued after a water line ruptured early Monday morning. Crews are working around the clock to fix it but neighbors are frustrated.

Neighbors said not only are they having to boil their water but they're worried about the dangers a big hole in the ground like this can cause.

Tianna Beck can't even clear a sink full of dishes without having to boil some water.

"It had an odor to it but being from West Texas, living here all my life, you get used to it," said Beck. "You have to be grateful you do have water. You do get used to the odors and things of that nature, but these fellas could've knocked on our doors last night and told us especially being right here in front of where it happened."

The City of Big Spring said right now, the tap water is only safe to shower in. Holston Banks has a front row view of the mess and said it's happened several times before.

"It re-flooded the ends of my room there and my back room, again," said Banks. "Last year it was so bad that they took their backhoe and put it right here and broke all of them limbs off my tree."

Now a gaping hole is left on Donley Street.

"It's very dangerous and the people that drive around here if they're not cautious they're going to drive into it or whatever but this is what we've been dealing with," said Beck.

The city said they hope to lift the boil notice as soon as tomorrow morning.

"We've notified TCEQ local, I was on the phone with them as soon as I was notified and then talked to TCEQ state and we've done all of our paperwork and pulled our water samples, sent them off to a lab in Odessa waiting for results, it's a 24 hour test," said Johnny Womack, Public Works Director with The City of Big Spring.

Beck said she's willing to pay higher taxes if that means water lines will stop breaking to easily and quality of water improves.

"Instead of fixing a little bit here and fixing a little bit there and hooking up some new stuff to an old pipe and things of that nature," said Beck. "I know it's going to be a lot of work and a lot of money but good grief, we pay the taxes and we deserve it."

The City of Big Spring said if the water samples results come back as contaminated they'll send more samples until the water is safe, the city also said they've been replacing lines for five years and the replacements are based on which lines have the most breaks.

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