Midland barbershop gets demolished after more than 70 years

Midland barbershop gets demolished after more than 70 years

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The 'Nuff Said Barbershop building has been sitting on the corner of Lee and Industrial for more than 70 years.

It was a place that played a large part of Midland's history.

"Midland used to be part of the Chitlin Circuit which meant a lot of R&B artists came through Midland," said Midland Councilman John B. Love III. "Tina Turner, BB King, Lots of famous people. They performed and played at the Savoy. They probably got their hair cut at that barber shop."

But now that building doesn't have that life anymore. It's been almost four years since its operation after it was closed down and in need of repairs.

"Holes in the roof, holes in the wall, not proper ventilation, no AC units, it's a situation needs to be taken down if it's not going to be repaired," said Love. "It doesn't look like it's going to be repaired."

Leonard Johnson started cutting hair at the shop in 1958. He took ownership before his uncle, the original shop owner, passed away.

"He started from nothing," said Johnson. "He made a little money like that."

After the building closed in 2013, Johnson hoped to make its history last.

"After my uncle was gone and everything, I got to thinking, I can't get rid of that barbershop because I wanted to make it a landmark," Johnson said.

The Texas Historical Commission needed more information on the building before marking it as a historical landmark. But the only person who knew more of its history was Leonard's uncle. Without the shop's functionality, Johnson agreed for the city to demolish the building since repairs are too costly.

"I hate to see it go," said Johnson. "I can't remodel the place. My hands are tied. I don't have any money."

Johnson said he'll miss the shop, but it's time to close the door. Although the building will be removed, his memories as a barber will stay.

"I lived a good life and God blessed me to be here at 84-years-old," he said. "I enjoyed being a barber all these years."

The building is expected to go down within 90 days.

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