Red Cross finish assessing severe weather damage

Red Cross finish assessing severe weather damage

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - This past weekend's storms forced some to walk into the American Red Cross office in Midland.

"The damage assessment that we found in this one is significant," said Tracy Austin, Executive Director of the American Red Cross in Midland.

Looking for any kind of help.

"There was water damage, it was pretty widespread in a pretty large area. Unlike other storms that we've had where it would be a microburst, this was pretty widespread in the city of Midland," said Austin.

Hail damage was the culprit in Odessa, in Midland strong winds were the main issues for residents. Austin said homes felt mother nature's wrath the most.

"I had someone use the analogy of a tuna can for some of the apartment buildings that the roofs were literally just lifted off," said Austin.

Part of the damage assessment also included lending a hand to those affected. The Red Cross has been giving out Client Assistance Cards to help families get off their feet.

"We're providing comfort kits for people who have lost everything and really don't have anything," said Austin.

Austin added around 15 volunteers helped with the aftermath of the storms. Storms, that have shaped the early part of the summer so far.

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