How the City of Midland handles flood areas

How the City of Midland handles flood areas
Midland's low-water crossing areas (Source: City of Midland)
Midland's low-water crossing areas (Source: City of Midland)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland is always ready for the next storm. When it rains, it can rain hard, causing flooding in certain areas of  the city.

"We know when the weather's coming and we know how to prepare," said City of Midland Transportation Manager Gabe McClelland. "Transportation has employees on call 24/7. No matter what the weather is, we can respond."

McClelland explains the flood areas are due to the city's drainage structures.

"The city of Midland is flat," said McClelland. "We don't have longitudinal fall in our streets. So what happens is if we get 1 or 2 inch rain, we rely on a series of drainage channels, draws and basins to move storm water outside of the city."

When streets get flooded out, Transportation will close off those areas.

"We watch the water level and as it rises," said McClelland. "We use our own judgment. If it looks unsafe to us or if we see vehicles drive up and turn around, we'll close it."

The city closes down those areas that get flooded the most. Low-water crossings like areas on on Scharbauer are closed down until flood waters clear up.
Carver Street has a low-water crossing area that connects The Midland Draw and the Scharbauer Draw together. It's where the city sees the most storm water so they close those gates.

"The people that have been in Midland know how our streets work and how our drainage system works," said McClelland. "It does take time for the water to run off.  You may see water standing or running in our streets."

Although the city didn't receive many emergency calls for water rescues from the last storm, they still advise drivers to be careful when you notice flooding.

"When we get weather like Friday or last night, if you don't have to be out, don't be out," said McClelland. "Just be aware our streets our drainage structures here. It takes time for water to run off our streets and get into a draw or basin and flow outside of the city so just be aware."

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