Midland residents dealing with constant storm damage

Midland residents dealing with constant storm damage

Flooding has left plenty of people picking up the mess from the past few days.

But some are picking up a mess that almost seems impossible to fix. 

"The sound of water dripping is just," said Villa Chateau resident Daniel VanNice. "Storms, water, everything definitely makes me feel really anxious right now."

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - VanNice and his two year old daughter, Coraline, are one of at least 10 families who had to leave their home after Friday's storms, with even more damage expected after Monday nights second round.

"We left for the night and we stayed in a hotel for as long as we could afford," said VanNice's neighbor, Brittany Davis. "We came back last night and the rain started again this morning and now, literally everything is gone."

They said the hardest part is trying to talk to their kids about their new situation and losing just about everything they've worked for in life.

"It's like an aching feeling that you have," said Davis. "Because of the fact, that I've actually been in a situation that I didn't have a home of my own. We had to live with other people. It just feels like a step backwards where you have to start all over again."

The video we have shown on-air is horrible as it has displaced multiple people at this complex. But what it doesn't do is justice to the smell the water has left behind.

Davis has four kids, all under the age of five, and the smell has triggered their asthma.

"Because of the moisture, just the smell of mildew in the house," said Davis. "It's caused flare-ups with their asthma. We've been on breathing treatments around the house because the apartment has been so moist."

The residents said they had not received much help as of this morning, which worried them most as they hoped their homes didn't get any worse.

"We've pretty much been on our own sense,' said resident Pat Flores. "We haven't had nobody even try to come get us assistance or tell us which direction to go.We are pretty much just sitting here in the water."

The Red Cross did end up going to Villa Chateau to help the families, but Daniel said it will be a while before he sleeps throughout a stormy night.

"Take a sleeping pill maybe," said VanNice. "But not for a while, it's going to take a while. This is a big set back."

The owners of the complex did say they are doing everything they can to help each resident.

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