Lawmakers will meet for a special session next month

Lawmakers will meet for a special session next month

(KWES) - Governor Greg Abbott is bringing state lawmakers back to cover several topics. Abbott called a special session of the Texas Legislature next month. Lawmakers will discuss 20 different items including the controversial bathroom bill and property tax cuts.

One topic is the Bathroom Bill. Governor Abbott wants to restrict restroom access for transgenders, which he says protects the privacy of children in public schools. This legislation died in the senate so they'll have to tackle this topic again.

Property tax relief is another topic. This legislation reduces property taxes across the state. Right now, local governments can raise effective tax rates up to 8% without homeowners having to request a rollback election. The bill would create automatic rollback elections when property taxes rise by a certain amount.

Another legislation targets pregnancy-related deaths. It will extend the state's maternal mortality task force. The task force looks at the causes of pregnancy related deaths in an effort to reduce that number. If the legislation isn't renewed, then its set to expire by 2019.

Under the topic of education, Abbott has talked about schools increasing the pay for public school teachers by $1,000 using existing school funds rather than tax increases.

Another topic is the Private School Choice Bill. This is one of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's top  priorities. The bill would create a savings account program that will pay the tuition for low income students and all students with disabilities.

This special session will begin July 18. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick will be in Midland on Monday talking about the legislature and how you can be involved in that special session. He will be at The Doubletree in Midland from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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