Two families left with nothing after storm collapses apartment roof

Two families left with nothing after storm collapses apartment roof
(Source: Chaparral Apartments)
(Source: Chaparral Apartments)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Another hail storm left many areas of Midland residents and workers cleaning up the damages Saturday.

"We're just sitting there, and we hear a whole bunch of rumbling," said tenant Alyssa Ruiz.

One apartment complex is helping their tenants move after mother nature stopped by last night.

"It has never happened before," said The Chaparral Apartments Site Manager Angie Hernandez. "At first I thought, it can't happen. But when I was driving up, I thought, 'Wow,' I was shocked."

A storm so strong, it collapsed a roof at one of their units. Eight families had to salvage what they could and move their belongings out of the building to another unit.

"The roof caved in and we walked outside, and by our house, the fence blew away," said Ruiz. "It was just really loud."

Some tenants had families they were able to stay with while apartment management took four families into vacant units where they will stay in the meantime.

"We care about them, they're like family," said Hernandez. "Whenever they move in and we provide our service, taking care of family is important to us."

The scene has been taped off, apartment managers said it's not safe to enter the building. Two families were not able to salvage anything. One mother told us, "It's already hard enough being a single mom, now me and my kids don't have anything left." She told us she will have to deal with replacing furniture, bedding, even clothing for her two kids.

Management is taking donations to help the families with children who lost the most.

"We have a few children there who were left with nothing. We have provided them with necessary stuff but they're still in need of different items as two of the families were left without nothing, just the clothes they had on their back," said Hernandez.

But through disaster, there's relief that nobody was hurt.

"We're here for our residents, we try to help them out as much as we can," said Hernandez.

The clothing sizes for the children are a large, size 8, and 12 months for boys. For girls, they need a size 3. You can drop off the donated items at the apartment office located on 4201 N Garfield St.

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