City of Odessa seeking state help after hail storm damage

City of Odessa seeking state help after hail storm damage

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Many Odessans are still trying to pick up the pieces from last week's hail storms and now the City of Odessa wants to ask the state to step in. The state guidelines for stepping in require at least 25 homes to be unlivable and uninsured.

So far the city of Odessa doesn't know of any homes that meet those guidelines, that's why they're asking for you to fill out this online survey.

"I haven't seen a hailstorm to compare with this one and what's amazing was that there was so much hail and it was so large and it fell in a rather defined time period," said Ector County Judge Ron Eckert. "It didn't happen for hours but it caused so much damage."

The city of Odessa put out a new survey to better understand how bad the damage is. If your home is unlivable and you don't have insurance you might qualify for state help. The catch is, there must be at least 25 homes meeting those guidelines.

"So far we haven't seen anything that's going to meet the criteria," said Ector County Emergency Management Coordinator, Rickey George. "That's why one last step in this process to ask the public for help. If you have a house that was inhabitable you need to let us know. There's approximately 60,000 residents in our county, the county is approximately 950 square miles."

If the city finds at least 25 homes that meet the guidelines, homeowners can apply for a loan, but that doesn't mean you'll automatically qualify. It's up to the state if you qualify and how much you qualify for.

"I've been very fortunate in Ector County that we've not had a large scale incident," said Andrea Goodson with The City of Odessa. "This incident is unique, it's been 20-30 years since we've had anything like this so it's been a learning experience for us all."

The city said they're happy with the response to the hail storms and are prepared for more.

"We're ready for the next one," said George. "All of our fire trucks are ready, all of our law enforcement is ready, our public works, our roads and bridges, we're ready for the next one. If we have another one tonight we're going to respond just as well."

The deadline to fill out the survey is Wednesday June 28 so the county judge has enough time to send them back to the state.

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