Midland police officer brings home gold medal for cycling in Texas Police Games

Midland police officer brings home gold medal for cycling in Texas Police Games

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland police officer just made his way back to Permian Basin after competing in the Texas police games. He didn't come home empty handed, he won first and second place in several categories.

Officer John Kerrigan has served the Midland Police Department (MPD) for about 23 years and he has a hobby he's pretty good at.

Last week Kerrigan went to the Texas Police Games, he competed in two different cycling races in his age group. The first race was ten miles, he peddled as fast he could and got second place. He won it all and finished first in the 30 mile race.

"I was happy I could still walk slightly," said Kerrigan.

Two medals weren't enough and he decided to try something different but a little familiar.

"Back years and years ago, I was a high jumper and of course that was a few pounds ago but I used to hang out with guys who threw shot put and I learned how to do it," said Kerrigan. "I saw the police games had shot put and discus and decided to give it a try."

He took home two more medals from those games. Before serving the department, Kerrigan served his country for 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as a law enforcement specialist. Kerrigan said that's when he was hooked.

"It sounds kinda goofy but [I've done it] all my life," said Kerrigan. "Of course back in the 80's there was a big thing with community policing, get out on a bike and be closer to the community and everything. It was pretty fun so I did the patrol biking and I got back into the road riding and it's just been going for years now."

25 years into playing for the police games and Kerrigan said his streak isn't ending now.

"I'm 60-years-old and here they are telling me I'm the young guy, so yeah, I'll be back next year," said Kerrigan.

Other Midland officers also went to the police games. They competed in crossfit, golf, basketball and range shooting. First, second and third places were brought back for the crossfit category.

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