Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition pushing wait to text

Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition pushing wait to text

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Texting and driving, almost everyone does it even though it is about to become illegal in Texas in the coming months.

Two seconds is all it takes to change a life with a quick glance down.

"In 2016, 110,000 people were involved in accidents related to distracted driving," said Scott Scheffler, the Vice Chairman of Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition.

The Coalition is here to remind people that it isn't something that only happens in big cities.

They say 45 accidents happened in Midland and Ector County in 2016 that have ended in serious injuries, and that may not think about it, until it's too late.

"If you're that one individual that's being hit by someone that's been distracted, it's a big deal to you," said Scheffler. "We want to prevent those accidents."

The group said there's enough happening on the road already to distract a driver.

But if they can take texting and driving off that list, they could all breathe a big sigh of relief.

"Speed and other things apply," said Scheffler. "But texting is something very simple we can easily do to make a difference. So we think it makes a pretty big difference in what will happen in the crash statistics going forward, if folks will just put their phones down."

The coalition said they want you to think twice before you answer the phone.

"When you get in the car, put the phone away," said Scheffler. "It can wait. It's not important, you can text someone before you start driving to say I'm on my way. If you're running late, pull over, park the car, then send the message. Don't do it while you're driving."

You can find more information on texting and driving, clicking here.

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