Former Midland baseball players take center stage at College World Series

Former Midland baseball players take center stage at College World Series

Omaha, NE - Local kids on the biggest stage in college baseball.

"It's exciting. Austen was one of those kids that was a pleasure to coach," said Barry Russell, Austen Wade's former baseball coach.

"It's awesome. Hunter was a great student for us as well as a great ball player," said Stan Vanhoozer, Hunter Coleman's former high school principal.

Austen Wade and Hunter Coleman have been repping the Tall City in Omaha, Nebraska for the College World Series. Wade, a junior at TCU played at Midland High while Coleman a freshman at Texas A&M played at Lee. Their supporters knew they would reach these heights.

"One of the hardest working individuals I've ever been around. He set a goal for himself to do what is doing and what he's done," said Russell.

"He was a quiet student. He took care of business. Very smart and wanted to play baseball," said Vanhoozer.

Vanhoozer and Russell both kept a close eye on Tuesday's elimination game, hoping their good vibes and well wishes rubbed off on their players.

"I told him every time I watched him he got out and when I was wandering around the yard he got a hit so he told me to quit watching," said Russell.

"There's a lot of people here at Lee that are watching, paying attention, and rooting for A&M even if we may not be Aggie supporters. We're Aggie supporters when he's playing," said Vanhoozer.

In a tight Midland baseball community, when one kid does great things it's a big deal but with two, the whole community feels apart of the journey. Wade and TCU eliminated Coleman and Texas A&M by a score of 4-1.

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