After effect of hail storms still felt in Permian Basin

After effect of hail storms still felt in Permian Basin

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It's been about a week since the strong hail storms made their way through the Permian Basin and many are still trying to pick up the pieces the damage left behind.

A local roofer estimates 37,000 homes were affected and it can take months to get back to normal.

JB Bejarano is the owner of Texas Roof Systems. He's a native Odessan and has been roofing most of his life following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

"This is probably the biggest that I've seen, that I can remember," said Bejarano. "I remember the '96, '97 hail storms, that was pretty bad but nothing to this magnitude."

On Tuesday, Bejarano took a look at the damage done to the office of State Farm Agent Chris Wray. Wray is filing thousands of claims and trying to get his own damage fixed.

"I just thought, well nothing is leaking, nothing is broke, until I saw my signs and I just said, I'll go deal with that a little bit later, we'll take care of everyone else first," said Wray. "It was shocking that hard of plastic got busted up like that."

"Right here [on the roof] you can see the marks the hail has caused," said Bejarano. "When the hail is jagged, it causes granular displacement. So basically what happens is it exposes the mat under the granules and it causes deterioration."

That's the most common cause for leaks, and if you feel like your A/C hasn't been cooling the same, you might be onto something.

"When the hail hits it, it'll either leak the freon or these coils could overheat and cause the pump to short out and you'll need a new air conditioner," said Bejarano.

Texas Roof Systems is still working to asses damage and doing emergency repairs to make conditions livable. Wray estimates it'll take anywhere from four to six months before all of the claims in the Permian Basin are completed.

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