Odessa's final day of Juneteenth celebration commemorates history

Odessa's final day of Juneteenth celebration commemorates history

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Music, magic and even snow cones, many Odessans turned out to Woodson Park for the end of Juneteenth.

"I've been coming here ever since I was five and I'm ten now," said 10-year-old Daeshaun Morrison.

Juneteenth showcased pageants, parades and even a little basketball. Giving a glimpse into the culture that isn't just in West Texas but around the nation.

"We hope that over the last four days what your heritage is all about. How to enjoy life. Even though we go through struggles every day, we still celebrate. We're still happy. We're still proud of our heritage," said Jo Ann Davenport Littleton, president of the Black Cultural Council of Odessa.

Getting the chance to get together is one thing, but if you ask everyone here, they'll tell you the true meaning of Juneteenth.

"The importance of Juneteenth to me is being free," said Morrison.

"We haven't always been here. It's been a struggle but we're here. We want to carry them with us. The younger people that don't know, we try to educate them and bring them along," said Littleton.

The meaning of Juneteenth is evident even in some of the vendors like Desert Frost, a family owned service from Presidio.

"To me it tells me that you are very, very united. Everybody comes and has a great time. Everybody is happy," said Lucy Acosta.

That happiness comes knowing the history is alive and well in the Basin.

"Each year our celebration has grown. People come from all over the world and it's just a great feeling to know you're a part of history," said Littleton.

"When I grow up the college I'm going go to Texas Tech University but every Juneteenth I'm going to come back down here," said Morrison.

This year, the Black Cultural Council celebrated 20 years of Juneteenth festivities.

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