Man facing up to 40 years after hitting officer, security guard

Man facing up to 40 years after hitting officer, security guard

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Early Sunday morning, Aaron Palma came to the Whataburger off of 42nd Street in Odessa, thinking he would get a late night snack. Instead, he left with three felonies and handcuffs on his way to jail.

"He was charged with evading in a motor vehicle, felony three, aggravated assault on a public servant, felony one, and aggravated assault on a security guard, felony three," said OPD Cpl. Steve LeSueur.

OPD said they arrived after the Whataburger security guard called for assistance on an intoxicated man in the drive-through.

Corporal Shirley knocked on Palmas Dodge Ram and that's when Palma got defensive.

"He immediately accelerated, put the vehicle in drive and tried to leave the scene," said LeSueur. "In the course of doing so, he struck Corporal Shirley, caused him to spin and hit the wall and he also hit the security guard, a 63-year-old Whataburger security guard."

After the officer was hit, Palma took off into the parking lot, where he was arrested after being held at gunpoint.

LeSueur said this is something that happens more than you may think but that doesn't take away from the situation.

"We take it very serious," said LeSueur. "Anytime somebody is willing to run over a police officer or a security guard or just anyone. We take it very serious."

That security guard suffered injuries to his arm while Corporal Shirley suffered injuries to his hip and leg, both minor.

Palma remains in jail as of 3 p.m. Monday and is facing up to 40 years with the three charges.

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