Navy servicewoman serves, all thanks to her father

Navy servicewoman serves, all thanks to her father
Megan and Jamie (Source: Megan May)
Megan and Jamie (Source: Megan May)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Father's Day, when many Americans are honoring their dads, one Navy servicewoman is making sure her dad doesn't feel the miles between them on his special day.

"I was always a daddy's girl," said Megan May. May is stationed on Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida.

"She needed to go. She needed to graduate, she needed to live life 100%, leave Midland and see the world, make your own path but I'm only a phone call away," said her father, Jamie May. "She still calls me."

But she, like many who are active duty, wasn't able to spend Father's Day with her dad on Sunday. Although hundreds of miles sit between them, she still let him know how much he meant to her through a video.

"He always says, 'Have a Great Navy Day!,' I'm like, 'You're such a boot,'" Megan said. "He's definitely my inspiration and put me where I am today."

"That's the thing about kiddos, regardless of wherever they are, you never give up on them," said Jamie.

Jamie served in the Navy in 1993. After Megan graduated, that's when she decided to follow his footsteps and joined in 2015."I was a little kid, I was like, 'Oh you get to go on big ships and go around the world!' But that's going to be hard work. But he [my dad], is a hard worker and I'm a hard worker so I thought why not?"

With distance not stopping their dad and daughter bonding, she said he's the reason why she makes it through every single day.

"If I have a problem, I always call and vent to him," she said. "He's always calming me down."

"This is a dad's dream, he pushes all of his life, everything he has, nothing is on the table. 100%. When you give 100%, you say, 'It's your turn, let's see how it works,'" said Jamie. "They're going to fail, succeed, but this right here, this is my present, saying 'Bravo Zulu, dad!'"

Being separated from her father may be one of the hardest parts about being in the service, there's one thing that's never far away: love.

"You have a good Navy day," Jamie tells Megan on Facetime. "I love you."

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