Daddy Daughter Dance celebrates Father's Day

Daddy Daughter Dance celebrates Father's Day

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Father's Day is a time when kids spend quality time with their dads but it was a special night at the City of Odessa's Daddy Daughter Dance. The dance brings dads and daughters together to memorialize the night in a 1920's themed dance.

"I like how everybody gets to have fun, you don't have to be perfect," said Hailey Childs, 8.

To watching performances to dads battling each other out in a dance contest, the event celebrates the special bond between dads and their daughters.

"I think seeing the other dads, just seeing how much love we have for our daughters, it's just something us as men don't show a lot," said Gary Chapa. "But we get together, we don't care how dumb we look, we do anything for our daughters."

With Father's Day on Sunday, now these girls will have another day to dedicate that special time with their dads.

"You know, your daughters, your kids grow up way too fast," said Chapa. "This is a good time to take advantage of that and have that one on one time with them."

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