Consider This: High winds, hail and now the heat

(KWES) - Tough week to be outdoors. Mother Nature went toe to toe with the Basin and dealt a pretty hefty blow.  High winds, hail and now the heat.

This is not new for our area, nor is spirit of resiliency and how our communities always seem bounce back no matter who or what throws the punch.

I continue to beat the drum for choosing local.  No question outsiders will come to our area with lofty promises and guarantees.

I encourage you to do your homework.

Consider this: By supporting locally-owned businesses you can "pay it forward" by keeping money in the local economy and keeping local business owners in business.

The more we can think and buy local here in West Texas, the better our economy will be insulated from the hardships in other parts of the country.

Remember, pay it forward as often as you can, choose local.

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