Odessa police keeping recent storms in mind during traffic stops

Odessa police keeping recent storms in mind during traffic stops

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - After the recent storms, you may be driving with a broken tail light or cracked windshield. Odessa police say even their own vehicles have damage on them and although you can be pulled over for defective equipment, they are keeping the recent storms in mind before giving tickets.

Hundreds of windshields replaced in the past two days.

"Our parking lots, all three of them, are completely full," said Bill Avary, owner of West Texas Windshields. "Yesterday, it was 30 minutes just to get to someone that had a computer in front of them."

Even local law enforcement suffered substantial damage from the storm.

"It affected us directly. The City of Odessa had approximately 81 vehicles that sustained damage as a result of the hail storm," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

Now that the storm has cleared, you may be wondering what damage police can pull you over for.

A broken tail light, for instance, is a defective equipment violation. The state of Texas doesn't have a law against cracked windshields but you are required to have windshield wipers that work. Having a concave windshield could affect how the wipers work.

Police say with the storm being so recent, they are aware of how many people were affected.

"We are definitely going to take that into account the next few days, next few weeks. But our best advice is to just get it fixed as soon possible," said LeSueur.

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