Storm damage evident in Odessa church, school

Storm damage evident in Odessa church, school

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Places on St. Mary's School are completely untouched by the hail. However, if you walk just a few steps toward the front and look up, you'll notice their sign and other places that were completely riddled by the storm.

From windows to the vegetable patch, almost nothing was safe from the storm on Wednesday night.

"A lot of the damage that happened to the building was on the west side of our Pre-K classroom," said principal Ben Villarreal. "The wall, it literally looks like bullet holes, that's how you can describe it, on the wall where the stucco was pulled off."

Pre-K teacher, Maria Gonzalez, was in her classroom with her daughters when the storm hit.

"We were here just doing little things in the classroom,"said Gonzalez. "We were getting ready to leave when my husband called and he said, "whatever you all do, stay put because there's a big storm coming."

Gonzalez said once the storm passed, they were surprised to find how little damage was done.

"After you've reviewed the damage," said Gonzalez. "You know, water came in, there were windows busted. Only five total. Total. That's it."

But then they looked across the street at Second Baptist Church, that had almost all of their windows shattered by up to baseball sized hail.

"You fell sorry," said Gonzalez. "You know, you thought, "oh my." Terrible. It was a terrible feeling."

For now, they both are picking up the pieces and both plan to continue serving their congregations.

We're told they're looking to replace everything through insurance.

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