West Texas Pride talk team strengths

West Texas Pride talk team strengths

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The West Texas Pride Football Team is in playoff action this weekend.

The pride are in The M.P.F.L. Semi Final Game.

What do they feel is the teams best strength heading into Saturdays big game?

Defensive end Derrick Bell says. " We are trusting each other, playing as a team and got the best rotation in the league. The fact that we can go six, seven, eight deep at any time of the game, makes the game a lot easier."

" We just stay together, we are not individuals, we are a whole team, we just stick together. We just start up front and to the back, we just stick together as one unit. " Says wide receiver Quentin Hunter.

West Texas Pride Head Coach Fred Thrweatt says. "  The best thing that we are doing is being on the same page. That has been our motto and our main thing. Just playing together and begin on the same page as an offense as a defense and as a team. "

This Saturday the pride will take on the Denton County Rhinos in The M.P.F.L. Semi Final game.

Game starts at 7:00 p.m. @ Grande Communications Stadium in Midland.

Winner of the game advances to the MPFL Championship Game.

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