Odessa residents react to Wednesday night hail storm

Odessa residents react to Wednesday night hail storm

(KWES) - No matter how much anybody prepared, no one was ready for the damage that the hail from Wednesday nights storm would leave or how scared their families would be.

"I came out here into the living room and a big piece just came straight through the window," said Odessa teen Jayden Kleski.

"It was pretty crazy," said Odessa resident Gabriela Buyong. "It tore my windows down and then I had a leak in my roofing. It was terrible."

Many homes in Odessa are destroyed after being pelted on Wednesday night.

It has homeowners lost as most of them had no idea what to do.

"I prayed," said Jesus Martinez. "That's the only thing I could do. I prayed. Because I can not leave my dogs here."

While some prayed at home, some prayed at Second Baptist Church, where an entire side of the church had its windows blown out.

"This is our building, this is not our church," said Pastor Jackie Brem. "Our church is our people and our people band together, work great and I appreciate the people here at Second Baptist who have worked together and already put hours of work on this."

Almost 24 hours later, the streets are still littered with debris.

The story could be the same Friday with the potential of more storms on the way.

"Probably stay somewhere else because I've got my grandbabies here and I don't think it's a safe place," said Buyong. "There was pretty much glass everywhere."

Most of their homes are boarded up now but no one is sure they can withstand another round of storms.

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