Odessa car dealership hit with millions of dollars worth of damage after Wednesday's hail storm

Odessa car dealership hit with millions of dollars worth of damage after Wednesday's hail storm

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you're looking to save up to a few thousand dollars on a new car, now might be the right time. That's if you don't mind a little bit of damage. Car lots in Odessa were hit hard with Wednesday night's hail and are spending their day assessing damage.

Many of you got to look at the damage that the hail caused to your vehicles, this morning it was bad news for dealerships too. Every single vehicle on the lot is damaged.

Covering up the damage to over 700 vehicles is what All-American Chevrolet Odessa was busy with Thursday morning, estimated about $10 million.

"We were here as the windows were blowing out last (Wednesday) night, and the door was kind of rattling a little bit inside, we were hoping that the glass all over the building wasn't going to blow out, fortunately it didn't," said General Manager, Katherine Alexander. "This is just some of it and you can see this vehicle over here, a hail about this size hit this and BANG it just hit the side of the car out."

If you're in for a new car, now might be the time. Hail sales can save you up to thousands of dollars. None of the vehicles are off limits.

"100 percent, 100 percent were hit," said Alexander. "Some more than others, some have less, some have more but through it all, all of them have some damage."

If you don't want a car with permanent sunroof, you might want to wait. Cars with busted out glass are undriveable but cracks on the windshield can jeopardize your safety.

"If the glass goes inside of these vents and you turn the A/C on it's going to blow glass back on you," said Body Shop Manager, Greg Thomas.

Even though tragedy struck, they're not backing down. Instead, they're staying open for business and making the most out of an unfortunate situation.

"I went to bed early last night after leaving the dealership after the storm and saw the rainbow when I got home last night and thought, 'Wow that's a good sign.' and came to work this morning ready and prepared," said Alexander.

All-American Chevrolet Odessa is extending their body shop hours if you need any repairs looked at. Undriveable vehicles are taking priority. They're also waiting on a new shipment of undamaged vehicles.

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