West Texans dealing with broken windshields after hail storm

West Texans dealing with broken windshields after hail storm

(KWES) - Some viewers reported hail the size of golf balls all the way up to baseball sized. It left many of us dealing with broken glass on our cars and homes. Now, a local repair shop is dealing with an influx in customers.

"I've never seen the devastation like this in this area before," said Ben Avery, Vice President of West Texas Windshields.

When severe weather hits, no one is immune.

"Any kind of glass that's been on vehicles, its all been damaged, back glass, the side glass, the roll up and down windows, the windshields mainly," said Avery.

Not even 24 hours after golf ball to tennis ball sized hail dropped on West Texas, residents are getting repairs done.

"There is damage to every piece of this car," said Benjamin Dyson.

"As soon as the sun came out, I was answering the phone, taking orders, helping people out, doing what I could," said Avery.

West Texas Windshields in Midland was already packed with more than 60 cars by lunch time and they expect more and more in the coming weeks and even months.

The Dyson family, on the other hand, were just visiting Midland and couldn't wait another day for their repairs.

"We're actually looking at homes in Midland right now and we were in the process of looking at a home when this happened, so this is definitely an eye opener to what we are moving to," said Dyson.

Experts say while the storms continue tonight, they have one piece of advice.

"Get your vehicles underneath something, inside of some sort of garage, some sort of covering, under trees, just do what you can," said Avery.

As the Dyson family take their long drive home to Houston and prepare to move this summer, they say the next storm they will be more prepared.

"The Wild West. It's crazy. It's very intense when it comes up and when it gets hot, that's when the thunderstorms brew up and start doing nasty things," said Dyson.

West Texas Windshields says their locations across the Permian Basin plan on staying open late and working through the weekend to get all the cars fixed.

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