State Representative Brooks Landgraf talks game plan ahead of special session

State Representative Brooks Landgraf talks game plan ahead of special session

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - State Representative Brooks Landgraf was at UTPB as the moderator for the school's young professionals luncheon. He'll soon be back in Austin for a special session with other state lawmakers.

"There are only a handful of us who represent West Texas, these are important decisions that are going to be made and I'm excited about getting to represent my fellow West Texans in that process," said Landgraf.

That process Landgraf talked about is the special session next month. Governor Gregg Abbott called for state lawmakers to get together and hash out twenty topics that relate to the state. Some of which could impact us here in West Texas for example the sunset bill in regards to medical workers.

"We want to continue to have licensed, credentialed physicians across the state. The Texas medical board has to be re-authorized that's one reason why we're going to be going back in July," said Landgraf.

The bathroom bill has seen starts and stops with Texas lawmakers and because of that Landgraf will be in the room to discuss its future.

"The House passed a version of the bill. The Senate passed a different version of the bill. Both chambers couldn't quite agree on the best version," said Landgraf.

Property taxes are also a big deal for home and business owners alike. In Odessa for the last two years it's sat at .47 cents. Landgraf wants to make sure this region gets a fair shake in discussions.

"We also have to make sure that we have a policy moving forward that takes into consideration the ups and downs of the oil and gas economy that we see out here in West Texas because that affects us differently than it does places like Dallas and Houston," said Landgraf.

State lawmakers will also look to discuss voter fraud and the best way to make sure that issue never comes up in Texas.

"We want to make sure that its not a problem so that people can let their voice be heard and do that in a confident way," said Landgraf.

The session is expected to last 30 days, beginning July 18th.

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