Midland police officer inspires local children

Midland police officer inspires local children

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a post that went viral on the Midland Police Department's Facebook page. An officer went above and beyond to inspire kids in a Midland neighborhood. He joined in on a water balloon fight and even brought them presents. He says it is all so they will grow up with respect for police and learn manners.

In summer time, many kids get bored and in West Texas, you can bet it will be hot.

Put those two together and you get some trouble.

"He stopped to help the girls tag team on the boys," said Punam Pallanes, a parent to two of the kids.

The neighborhood kids on West Spruce in Midland love playing outside and finding any way to beat the summer West Texas heat.

"They are still so happy two days later," said Punam.

It's their unlikely water balloon fight opponent the kids can't stop talking about.

"A cop came and started throwing them at us," said Caleb Pallanes.

Midland Police Officer Jordan Oliver responded to a call a few doors down on Monday when he was finished, he joined in on the water balloon fun.

"It made our day," said Leeya Gonzales.

But it didn't stop there.

"He came back and gave us water balloons and some water guns," said Sebastian Galiando.

Parents of the kids say it was the lesson he left them with that they won't forget.

"He was just telling me, 'I just want them to have respect for police officers, make sure they pick up the trash, say 'yes ma'am, no sir,''" said Punam.

Inspiring the next generation.

"I'm going to be one whenever I grow up. They are really kind and they help the city be better," said Caleb.

The original post on Facebook about the officer's kindness has almost 900 likes and more than 200 shares. The Midland Police Department says they are proud to have officers who take time to have positive interactions with the community like this one every day.

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