Coach, Midland College looking for common ground in Title IX lawsuit

Coach, Midland College looking for common ground in Title IX lawsuit

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Lady Chaps softball just wrapped up its 19th season. Head Coach Tommy Ramos has been the lead man since the beginning. Seeing everything over the course of 20 years is what led him to file a Title IX lawsuit against the school.

"Look at these. These came with the portable," said Ramos.

The portable locker room is one of issues Ramos has with the school along with a lack of seating, lights, and ways for opposing players and umpires to change before games. Earlier this month three current players were added to the suit, something Ramos says they would've done without him.

"One time I was asked, what are you going to do? Are the girls going to sue us? No one is going to do it, We're Midland College," said Ramos.

"Of course we're concerned, we want to hear from the students and our alumni about how they feel we can improve our services and programs at Midland College," said Rebecca Bell, Dean of Community Relations.

A breakdown of the athletic programs goes like this; the school says the softball and baseball programs each take up 19 percent of the budget and over the past two years Women's sports have cost more than Men's.

"We're not spending anymore on our baseball program than we are on our softball program which is what a lot of people have come to believe and it's just not true at all," said Bell.

"If the college chooses to do something it will happen. A building starts leaking they find money," said Ramos.

The lawsuit goes back to what the two parties thinks is fair. Ramos wants to see would like to see an improvement in the program while the school is working with a budget that could help everyone.

"What I wanted was to be able to build a facility that little girls could look forward to play at. Something our players would be excited and proud about," said Ramos.

"I think the fact all of our athletic teams have won national, regional, and state championships recently shows we take great pride in our athletics," said Bell.

Coach Ramos said many in the softball community have reached out to him since the lawsuit was filed. Midland College recently asked the court to dismiss their motion to have the lawsuit thrown out. The school is expected to respond to the revised suit from Ramos and the players soon.

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