Roofers reminding residents to check their roof following Monday's hail storm

Roofers reminding residents to check their roof following Monday's hail storm

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Phones are ringing off the hook for roofing companies after Monday night's storm. With more severe weather possibly on the way, we wanted to show you a few warning sings that could mean your roof is damaged.

A leaking roof raises a red flag, but there's signs you should look out for before it gets to that point. Shingles can get loose from strong winds or become smooth after losing the grainy texture because of large hail.

"That's a good sign after a hail storm that there's damage to the roof," said Kevin Castonguay with Charles Terry Construction about granules falling off shingles.

If you live in West Texas and don't get your roof checked after strong wind and hail storms, the roof over your head might not be so safe.

"We have people that will look at the roof from the ground and think 'oh, my roof looks great' and don't realize that the hail has already ruined the roof at that point," said Castonguay.

Granules on the ground mean large hail has knocked off the texture of your shingles and your roof has suffered some damage. If you have leaks inside of your home that means the damage has been there a while.

"It can cost a lot if you don't know you have any roof damage and then you have the storm come through it can come underneath the shingles and through the roof, then you'll ruin the inside of the house as well," said Castonguay. "It can get really bad really quick, before you even know it."

Hail quarter size and bigger will cause the most damage to your roof. That doesn't mean small hail can't do damage but it can take a longer time.

Trimming your tree limbs back is also important in keeping your roof in good shape. If you think your roof may be damaged, call a local roofer before filing an insurance claim.

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