Residents in the Basin prepare for the next storm

Residents in the Basin prepare for the next storm

(KWES) - West Texas weather changes often and so did the severe storms on Monday night.

"Just 15 minutes the storm hit us straight on and more or less affected our left field more than anything," said Midland Rockhounds General Manager Monty Hoppel.

The Rockhounds had to reschedule Monday night's game after the heavy winds passed through. A picnic tarp flew off and a foul pole was bent so they had to remove it for safety. But although clean-up was minimal, they stayed prepared for severe storms just in case.

"Last night we had a few hundred people, we had to get under cover, it was a slow Monday night and it was early before the game started," said Hoppel. "We took precaution, took people under cover. We get the proper warnings to our staff and fans. We've managed these things before. We've done this 30 years, we make sure people are safe."

But outside the stadium, some homeowners have even more damage to cleanup. From knocked down fences to uprooted trees, residents looking to clean up the damage will have to wait until the next storm passes through.

"My adjuster won't even be here for three to five days at least due to all the damage going on around Texas," said homeowner Steve Ford. "I want to make sure what I've got, the structural integrity of my home is going to be intact. I can't complain too much. I saw more people had more damage than I do."

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