Midland real estate powerhouse making moves with new hobby

Midland real estate powerhouse making moves with new hobby

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - You might see her name and face all around town, many times, trying to sell a home. One Midland woman is doing more than being a real estate powerhouse and it's starting to draw some attention.

She runs a successful real estate agency by day, but it wasn't enough.

"My work week in real estate is probably about 80 hour work week. I have a team of 17, all girl power," said Victoria Printz, Licensed Seller's Agent and Broker with The Victoria Printz Team. "We do a lot of corporate relocations and I found that dancing is a life-saver. So if i can dance 10 hours a week, that's really a treat."

It all started about two years ago when Printz was asked to do a local charity event similar to dancing with the stars. Naturally she said yes, but was so busy she forgot about her commitment.

"So two months before the event they called and said, 'Wow, we sold almost 1,000 tickets,'" said Printz. "And I was like, 'Oh my gosh. I guess I better take some dance lessons.'"

It took two months to learn a three minute tango routine, but that's all it took. Printz went home with the award. She was hooked and has learned 14 difference dances since then.

"It's just been really fulfilling, a lot of people can get tremendous joy as well as the fringe benefits, the health, the peace of mind, the stress reliever, it's just and it's fun to dress up," said Printz.

Now she has her own ballroom in the same parking lot as her real estate office. She uses the ballroom to practice and host princess parties benefiting local non-profits. If you're interested in dancing Printz wants to help you, you can call her at (432) 683-1000.

Printz is scheduled to speak at an event Tuesday with The Arts Council of Midland about how dancing has changed her life.

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