Non-profits pick up 8,000 pounds of trash in Midland Co.

Non-profits pick up 8,000 pounds of trash in Midland Co.

Non-profits in the Basin took part in cleaning their town last month and picked up about 8,000 pounds of trash total.

For two weeks in May, eight non-profit organizations took part in the Midland County Trash Pick-up Challenge. Whichever top three picked up the most trash, Midland County Commissioners rewarded them.

"There's a very visible difference," said Judge Mike Bradford. "It paid off in dividends like we never imagined. We paid historically more money than that and didn't get near that amount of trash picked up in a commercial operation so this does good for non-profits and the community."

Keep Midland Beautiful came in third place with over 1,100 lbs of trash collected, following the Lee High School Cheerleader Booster Club with over 1,500 lbs. Be the Change picked up the most with over 1,700 lbs of trash.

"When they said we won, I almost cried. We didn't know we were going to win," said Be the Change Executive Director, Sandra Candina. "We just got out there, we did the best we could, we went out and you're competing against yourself with something like this because we didn't know how much the other organizations were collecting."

The group was rewarded with a check for $15,000, funds that can only be used within the organization. Candina said it gave them a chance to bond together while making a difference.

"You're not only picking up trash, you're doing more than that," she said. "You're cleaning up your city. You're taking pride of where you live and you get to know the people in your organization."

Candina said they plan to use the funds to grow their services over to Ector County schools.

"We hope this will help us to do that, I know that it will," said Candina. "I know this will help us expand further to help more students and make a difference in the community."

If you want to volunteer with Be the Change, you can call them at (432) 889-1114 or visit their Facebook here.

County commissioners plan to hold this project again in the fall.

"That's what's going to serve the community, long-term relationships," said Bradford.

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