Odessa police unable to ID shooter or victim after shots fired

Odessa police unable to ID shooter or victim after shots fired

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Scary moments Thursday morning in Odessa as shots were fired in a residential area near businesses. The Odessa Police Department (OPD) said someone with a gun was chasing someone else.

No one was hurt but police are still trying to piece it all together.

Neighbors in the area say they woke up to the sound of gunshots this morning near Grant Ave. & 12th St. So far, OPD knows gunshots were fired but they don't know who fired them or who they were fired toward, they're asking for any victims to come forward.

"Really all I heard was a gunshot and that they didn't know what was going on," said a neighbor.

OPD said they haven't been able to ID a suspect or a victim.

"This is a business residential district, people are coming to and from work," said Sgt. Sherrie Carruth with OPD. "There were actually people that were at work in the business. So yes, there was potential for someone innocent to get hurt."

A male and female were detained for questioning but as of now police don't have reason to believe they were involved in the shooting. Carruth said the man had assault type injuries but was uncooperative when questioned how he got them.

"If there's a situation that's going on, first and foremost, you don't take it in your own hands. Let law enforcement know because when you start firing off straight bullets, innocent people get hurt and that's not what this is about," said Carruth. "If you got something against each other, file a police report and do it the proper way instead of damaging innocent people's property or getting someone else hurt."

On their monthly crime statistics, OPD doesn't track how many shootings they respond to but they do keep track of murders. So far this year, there have been two. Last year, there were a total of five and twelve in 2015. It's unknown how many of those were deaths by guns.

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