MISD offering summer meal program

MISD offering summer meal program

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Most parents are working out of the home and may not have a chance to leave a meal prepared, but this is where the Midland Independent School District steps in.

"We do try to place summer sites where children can easily access those meals and still get summer nutrition and be ready to play and ready to learn in the fall," Michelle Helms, Director of Child Nutrition Services at MISD said.

There are school sites and community sites available.

Travis and Rusk elementary are both open for breakfast and lunch.

Casa de Amigos and St. Mark Catholic Church both have limited seating while the MLK community site has plenty of seating for students.

But more community partners are still needed in order to feed more children this summer.

"We would love other partners particularly if its in an area of town where a lot of children can access the location easily without crossing a major street, without any safety hazards," Helms said.

When school is in session about 49 percent of children have meals free or reduced and hunger during the summer is definitely an issue in the area and in the whole state of Texas.

It's a need that Helms said must be addressed.

"What's been interesting for us is trying to find a place that meets the needs of those children and that's why we're trying to find community partners," Helms said. "We just need to find the right place to meet them so they can eat a meal."

Helms said nutrition is just as important in the summer as it is during the school year.

"Our kids are growing, particularly you know, those kids that maybe there transitioning between elementary and junior high and they have a lot of calorie needs because there growing so I do think its important," Helms said. "And we are just looking for those ways to reach those children."

Children who are ages 1 to 18 will be served free of charge.

There is no other requirements or paperwork and some sites go through the month of June, but the MLK community site will go all summer long.

If you are interested in being a community partner with MISD to help add space for the summer program you can call 432-240-1840.

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