City of Midland plans to improve roads for the future

City of Midland plans to improve roads for the future

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Roads are always a topic of discussion in Midland.

"Roads aren't the reason to live here but they're a reason to not live here. If there are no roads, there is no expansion," said Brent Hilliard with the Midland Development Corporation.

Because the city council anticipates Midland's population could increase by 20,000 people over the next five years, first, they'd have to think of ways for the city to expand. The city council rated improving roads as the top focus point.

"We're seeing a lot more traffic on Wadley and A Street," said Jose Ortiz, Engineering Services Director. "Because of all the new businesses, commercial sites and residents, we're needing to see improvements."

Although several road projects received funding from entities like the state, the Texas Department of Transportation and the Midland Development Corporation, some roads have yet to start construction without it.

"We are looking at Briarwood, we have designs up for Briarwood," said Ortiz. "We have completed designs for Tradewinds and Market Street. We're trying to find funds. Another is Holiday Hill Road to Midland Drive but we're lacking the funds. Those projects can go to construction when funds become available."

TransMap has been working around the city lately but they're finishing up analyzing roads this week to see whether they're failing or making improvements compared to 2014. Once they're finished, the company will give road recommendations to the city in August.
"If our roads are all trashed out, it represents what we view as a good or bad quality of life for the City of Midland," said Hilliard. "A road isn't the only aspect of a good quality of life but it demonstrates as a community what we think of our community."

The city council will continue more discussion on road funding as well as water drainage and improving city parks. Final decisions will be made in a future council meeting.

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