Midland police Chief Price Robinson announces retirement

Midland police Chief Price Robinson announces retirement

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After 37 years, Midland Police Chief Price Robinson says it's time to leave the force.

"It's a very long time but it's been a very enjoyable time," said Robinson. "If I had to pick a police department to work in, it would be this community. Everywhere I went through the department, I had a good time working with great people and having a blast."

Robinson began his career with the Midland Police Department in 1980. He started as a patrol officer and eventually worked his way up to Chief in 2008.

"My time as chief, its been great. It's challenging. It's a job with a lot of responsibility," he said. "You're in charge of a big department. Midland is no small department. Your number one priority is keep the city safe. Do what you can for the employees. Always keep the department moving forward. You want it to be well respected in the city and with your peers. The Midland Police Department is."

Under his leadership, officers are now using new technology and the department is close to a full staff.

"I've told the employees they're professional," said Robinson. "They conduct themselves in a professional manner all the time when they interact with the public. I wouldn't have chosen to work with anybody else."

Robinson's date of retirement is August 31 and although that's still two months away, he hopes whoever fills his shoes enjoys serving the community just as much as he did.

"I hope the person that succeeds me does a better job than I do and takes the department to another level both for the benefit of the employees and the residents here in Midland," said Robinson. "I've had 37 years, great years with the PD I'll never forget."

After retirement, Robinson said he plans to travel with his wife and visit his two children. He said there will be more discussion regarding his retirement. There's no word yet on who will take his place.

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